Tradebloc Inc.

About Us

Tim Clark, CEO, and Founder of Tradebloc Inc. is a 25-year veteran of the Credit and Debt Management Industry. The industry has changed over the past two and half decades and Mr. Clark has remained a leader in innovation, beginning with his first company Master Credit Corporation a 501(3) Non-Profit, followed by Credit Guard Inc., and today, Tradebloc Inc.

This latest vision, Tradebloc was founded in 2018 and provides a complete list of credit and debt management options for their clients including Credit Monitoring, Credit Accuracy, Credit and Identity Theft Protection, Debt Settlement, and Contract Cancellation.

Tradebloc Inc. has now innovated the travel industry with its subsidiary Tradebloc Travel by building the best travel fulfillment technology in the world to give its members the world’s best, authentic, discounted travel. 

Tradebloc Inc. is proud to announce the opening of its venture capital company Tradebloc Capital.  Tradebloc Capital launched its first venture travelclubIQ to rival and challenge the likes of Google Flights and Priceline.    

Many more exciting future projects are to be announced.


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